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Slime in the Ice Machine


If you own and operate a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you know how quickly things can get dirty and messy. There are a lot of projects that you don’t want to tackle by yourself. That’s where professional commercial cleaning services come in. You want your kitchen or restaurant to be extremely clean at all times so customers are not deterred by the uncleanliness. If you are looking for commercial kitchen cleaning services, Orlando, FL has companies that are ready to help.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

commercial cleaning services, Orlando, FL

Your kitchen exhaust needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly. If left uncleaned, this can be a fire hazard to your restaurant. As time goes by, grease accumulates inside the ducts, hoods, fans, and vents of the exhaust system. It is best to hire a professional to do this service for you because they have the right chemicals, tools, and knowledge.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are designed to intercept greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system. Large amounts of grease and oil can cause issues for septic tanks or water treatment facilities. As your grease trap collects solids and grease, it needs to be professionally cleaned out. If this is left uncleaned, it will end up clogging up with waste that will eventually block the sewer line. When sewer starts to back up, you will have an even worse problem on your hands.

Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing

The cleanliness of the outside is just as important as the cleanliness of the inside of your restaurant. The first thing your customers will see is the exterior of your business. This includes the building, the parking lot and sidewalks, and anything else that sits outside. If you aren’t able to maintain the outside of the restaurant where the customers can see, your customers will wonder how dirty it is in the kitchen where they can’t see. Make cleanliness your top priority.