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The Art of Food Photography

Surely it is not rocket science taking a picture of dinner. There are some people who do it all the time and then post it to social media – what did they do before there was social media? Ring grandma?

Anyway, that’s not the point, there are hundreds of reasons to need good food photography; restaurants and groceries all need their products looking the best, and there are all sorts of photographers to do the job.

Think like a professional

Professional photographers like action photographer san Francisco have a number of tricks up their sleeve which enable them to take great food pictures, but not have the product look so far from the actual food no one believes it.

Avoid a flash if possible

This puts light front on to the dish and makes it look flat or 2D. You want the idea of food in all dimension, and with as natural a color as you can achieve.

Use a tripod

Without the flash, you may need a longer exposure, so there is no need to add more stress by needing to hold the camera.

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A tripod will keep the camera rock-solid as long as the aperture is open.

Angles make the difference

Spend some time finding the best angle and there will be one. A layered cake will look better if the camera is able to see the layers, a vegetable might be better with a top-down look.

Take images on a digital camera so you can see the results on-the-fly and change as you need to.

It doesn’t need to perfect it should be real

Food has to look credible, so if a strawberry falls off the shortcake it might look great there. Resist the temptation for cold clean lines, look for some charm.